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Gov Cooper Files Another Lawsuit

I’m pretty sure Governor Cooper has spent more time in court in his first 7 months as Governor than he did for 15 years as Attorney General. Once again, Governor Cooper has filed a lawsuit against the general assembly.  Techinically he didn’t actually file a new lawsuit.  He just added to one already on the books…

The filing targets budget language that lays out repeated increases of at least $10 million a year, for 10 years, for the Opportunity Scholarships private school voucher program. The budget orders the administration’s budget director to include this money in future budget proposals, eventually building the program to $134.8 million a year.

The suit also notes budget language that tinkers with federal block grant spending, arguing that the General Assembly “has no authority to appropriate these federal funds because they were provided to the state pursuant to federal law and congressional policy.

According to the Governor recurring funding in unconstitutional.  Many zero based budget supporters will be thrilled if the judge rules in his favor on this one.  This would revolutionize the budget process and therefore is very unlikely to happen.  In the irony of ironies, Gov Cooper challenged charter school funding the same day Civitas reported on a new study that shows charter schools make public schools better…

the introduction of charter schools within one mile of a TPS [traditional public school] increases the performance of TPS students on the order of 0.02 standard deviations (sds) in both math and English Language Arts (ELA). As predicted by theories of competition or information transfers, these effects increase with proximity to the charter school and are largest among student in co-located schools where performance increases by 0.09 sds in math and 0.06 sds in ELA.

Governor Cooper at this point is 0-3 against the General Assembly.  Can’t imagine his latest challenges are going to end up much better…

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