Alternative Headline: Conservative Demands Conservative Legislation

I have had my issues with, with what I believe was, Rand Paul’s posturing on the ObamaCare repeal process.  However when it comes to tax reform he is spot on.  Here is an excerpt from a POLITICO article that highlights the GOP’s fear that Paul will be a no vote on this latest tax plan,

A vote against the budget next week would be seen as a clear signal that Paul may be impossible to get. He disliked the GOP’s “shell” budget passed earlier this year to allow for Obamacare repeal on party lines, and he has not seemed much warmer toward this version, which envisions a tax bill that expands the deficit by $1.5 trillion over a decade.

OMG!  You’re telling me a conservative who is worried about the growing national debt doesn’t want to add to the national debt.  What’s next?  Conservatives demanding accountability and responsibility?  I’m not sure when it happened, maybe the 1980’s, but Republicans got the idea that tax reform can’t happen unless it adds to the deficit.  The emergence of dynamic scoring allowed Republicans to claim that economic growth would someday in the future pay for the deficit of tax cuts now.  It also allows them to not cut spending which, despite their claims to the contrary, they don’t want to do.  However, the idea that somehow Ran Paul is wrong for wanting deficit-neutral tax reform shows how lost the GOP is on tax reform

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