House Freedom Caucus Chair, Mark Meadows, spoke to Breitbart and said a lot of great things.  He talked about cutting taxes, repealing ObamaCare, and rollbacking onerous regulations.  However, one portion of the interview I vehemently disagreed with.  Meadows argued that the GOP needs to follow the Trump agenda to avoid getting slaughtered in the midterms…

The fundamental question for Republican running all across the country is: are you going to stand with the American people like the president campaigned on and won on November 8? Or are you going to just talk about standing with the American people? The American voter is not going to accept talk any longer. It’s time to show the real proof of each candidate is made of and how they will fulfill that promise.

I think that the anger and the frustration that is prevalent still on the main streets across America will have a profound effect on the midterm elections and Republicans will only succeed if they get behind the Trump agenda.

I agree with Congressman Meadows that there is a lot of anger on Mainstreet, however, channeling that anger has become somewhat difficult.  The argument that the GOP should stand unified behind the Trump agenda is a great idea except for one tiny detail.  There is no Trump Agenda.  Kevin Williamson touched on this not too long at The National Review…

The Trump administration had hoped to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but replace it with what? The president has never spelled out a substantive policy view for health-care reform beyond a few elementary-school adjectives: He wants a “terrific” system, he says. Well, that settles that. Tax reform? His “plan” consists of a half-literate memo boasting that some taxpayers will “get a new one-page form to send the IRS saying, ‘I win.’”

So much winning.

Trump has not produced a serious policy proposal for controlling illegal immigration — his hallmark issue — crime, the Islamic State, energy, the deficit and the national debt, entitlements, or anything else. He has tweeted about a great many cable-news personalities, and he has many thoughts about the ratings of various television programs. He must be positively rapt at the news that Fox and Friends is extending its franchise into the wee hours of the morning.

Republicans have not rallied behind the Trump agenda because there isn’t anything to rally behind. The Trump movement is a one part personality cult and one part group-therapy session. It isn’t politics — it’s a nervous breakdown inside the Republican party.

Meadows knows this better than anyone.  He has worked with Trump on ObamaCare repeal and immigration.  Each time Meadows had to bring Trump further right on the issue to get the GOP on board.  This is the major problem with Trump.  It’s hard to figure out which agenda is his.  Is it the freedom caucus position or Chuck and Nancy’s?  Until Trump can definitively say what his agenda is it’s going to be hard to get the GOP behind it in time for the midterm.

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