Trump Signs Executive Order

President Donald Trump is currently speaking at a press conference celebrating his recent executive order.  POLITICO, earlier today, explained what the executive order deals with…

The focus of the directive is association health plans, which allow small-business owners, trade groups and others to band together to purchase health insurance. Such plans would be exempt from certain Obamacare’s rules, including requirements that it cover standard benefits, such as prescription drug coverage. To make those changes, the administration is already working to reinterpret ERISA, a massive federal law that governs many workplace benefits, people familiar with the order said — opening the door to more expansive changes that could affect Obamacare plans more directly.

The administration is also preparing to roll back Obama-era restrictions on short-term health insurance plans, allowing insurers to once again sell stopgap policies which don’t cover pre-existing conditions, mental health services and many other costly benefits. Coverage could extend for as long as a year, up from a current three-month limit.

The purpose of this move is to create more options for the American people.  It’s unfortunate that it is being done by executive order because this means anything that is accomplished can be overturned by the next President.  This of course, is better than nothing.  However, this is still a band-aid when it comes to fixing our healthcare system.  Congress needs to continue the fight to truly bring about a repeal and replace plan for ObamaCare.

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