11/30/17 – Hour Three

John Conyers and Roy Moore make the same argument of blaming some shadowy “they” organization for perpetrating all these fake accusers, The Democrats continue to back John Conyers and the Republicans continue to back Roy Moore while continuing to criticize the other side for supporting their guy

11/30/17 – Hour Two

Leland hires an attorney to fight the H2go decision to transfer assets to Bellville, Deb Butler comes out against decision by H2go, & Talking heads and politicians traded positions with regards to what they can get away with without repercussions

11/30/17 – Hour One

Crazy news day as more celebrities are charged with sexual assault and Democrats and Republicans continue their tribalism, GOP tax plan passes another hurdle, and Rubio and Lee fight for a larger child tax credit but receive push back from the White house as it would require rising corporate tax rate to 22%

Bumper Music 11/30/17

HOUR 1 6:20 – Gang Starr – Work 6:35 Walk The Moon – Shut Up & Dance 6:50 Mr. Probz – Waves   HOUR 2 7:20 Cardigans – Favorite Game 7:35 Sweet – Ballroom Blitz 7:50 Linkin Park – Waiting For The Light That Nevers Comes   HOUR 3 8:20 Cardigans – Favorite Game 8:35 Kenny Chesney – American Kids … Read More

WSJ: Triggers a Bad Idea

Wall Street Journal The trigger is a bad idea on the policy merits. No one knows when there might be another recession, during which tax receipts invariably fall. A trigger could then be a tax hike on Americans at a tough economic time. In that event, Congress would certainly override the trigger-tax increase as a political matter. The extent of … Read More

11/29/17 – Hour Three

Alex Smith, Executive Director of America Rising PAC, joins Tyler to talk about the GOP tax plan, the national debt, and the controversy surrounding the new director of the CFPB. Grant Perry, founder of Pinehurst Capital, joins Tyler to discuss why the GOP tax plan drama could be good reason to look at safe investments for your retirement nest egg