Show Prep December 11th, 2017


  1. AL Senator, Richard Shelby, bucks AL GOP
  2. Bitcoin Futures Begins Trading
  3. Bullied Teen Gets A Lot of New Friends Over the Weekend

#1 One More Day Till AL Special Election

Roy Moore accuser says she added a note to yearbook message…Beverly Young Nelson, who has accused Moore of sexual assault when she was a teenager, told ABC News on Friday that she added notes to Moore’s inscription on her 1977 yearbook, but maintains that the signed note itself is authentic. Nelson’s attorney, Gloria Allred, reemphasized the point at a news conference Friday afternoon, saying a handwriting analyst concluded the signature belonged to Moore. The former judge says the inscription is a forgery…READ MORE

  • Moore Supporters take accusation too far…A since-deleted tweet on the official Fox News Twitter account had read, “BREAKING NEWS: Roy Moore accuser admits she forged part of yearbook inscription attributed to Alabama Senate candidate.”  Fox News has since updated the story with a note at the bottom of the piece while removing any references to “forgery” in it…READ MORE
  • Moore’s Campaign always knew it was two different handwritings…Yesterday, Phillip L. Jauregui, a Moore campaign attorney, raised numerous questions about the signature, including about the “DA,” attempting to link it to a signature on Nelson’s 1999 divorce document..Jauregui raised more questions about other elements of the yearbook inscription..  “Look at the 1977 after Merry Christmas. Look at those two sevens. And then look below at the 77. I want to ask you.  Do you think it was written by the same person? I want you to look at ‘Old Hickory House,’ which they say Judge Moore wrote. Judge Moore says there is no way in the world that that is his handwriting.”  READ MORE

CNN misreports date for Trump Jr email…CNN incorrectly reported Friday that President Trump’s campaign, including the candidate himself, his eldest son and top aides, received access to hacked Democratic National Committee emails on Sept. 4, 2016, more than a week before the group WikiLeaks made the files public. The implication was clear: The Trump campaign knew about the hacked emails before everybody else did…But the story began to fall apart Friday afternoon, when The Washington Post obtained a copy of the email, which CNN did not have. The email was actually sent to the Trump campaign on Sept. 14, 2016 — after WikiLeaks had already made the documents public…READ MORE

Dave Weigel misreports audience size at Trump rally…President Trump on Saturday evening issued a call for a reporter with The Washington Post to be fired because of a quickly deleted tweet that presented a misleading impression of Trump’s rally crowd in Florida.  The Post reporter, David Weigel, had earlier tweeted a photo of the crowd gathered at Pensacola Bay Center for Trump’s speech there Friday evening, showing numerous empty seats. He removed the tweet after being told by others that the photo was taken before the venue filled up and apologized in a later Twitter exchange with the president…READ MORE


#2 Death Penalty

NC politicians call for executions to begin again…No one has been put to death in North Carolina since 2006 because of a raft of legal challenges, from the since-repealed Racial Justice Act to physicians not wanting to participate in executions to questions over how the death penalty is carried out. Access to drugs used in lethal-injection executions also could become a problem, as it has in other states.  “In light of the prosecutor’s decision to pursue the death penalty, Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein need to make certain, should a jury sentence these men to death, that those sentences are carried out,” House Speaker Tim Moore said in a statement…READ MORE

Opioids could be the next death penalty drug…Prison officials in Nevada and Nebraska have declined to answer questions about why they chose to use fentanyl in their next executions, which could take place in early 2018. Many states cloak their procedures in secrecy to try to minimize legal challenges. But fentanyl offers several advantages. The obvious one is potency. The synthetic drug is 50 times more powerful than heroin and up to 100 times more powerful than morphine. “There’s cruel irony that at the same time these state governments are trying to figure out how to stop so many from dying from opioids, that they now want to turn and use them to deliberately kill someone,” said Austin Sarat, a law professor at Amherst College who has studied the death penalty for more than four decades…READ MORE


#3 The Death of Daniel Shaver

The background is simple. Shaver was a traveling pest control worker. He was in his hotel room (a La Quinta Inn) showing off to guests a pellet gun he used for work. Police responded to a 911 call claiming that a man was pointing a rifle out a window. When police arrived, Shaver was alone with a woman. They had been drinking. The police ordered them out of the room, and they came out, raised their hands, and got on their knees. So far, things seem routine. Police responded to a call from a concerned bystander, they were concerned that the suspect may have a gun, so they demanded to clearly see Shaver’s hands. That’s entirely fair and appropriate.  Then, however, things got strange — very strange…


The officer in the shooting was acquitted and many believe that was wrong morally and legally

  • David French: Arizona law defines second-degree murder as killing a person without premeditation “under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life, the person recklessly engages in conduct that creates a grave risk of death and thereby causes the death of another person.” In this instance, the charge fit the crime. The jury’s verdict was a gross miscarriage of justice. My heart breaks for Daniel Shaver’s family. May God have mercy on his soul…READ MORE
  • Allahpundit: We don’t need to overthink it, though. Simple question: Why didn’t they just have him lie face down, with his hands stretched all the way out in front of him, and cuff him? That would have taken 20 seconds. If he had made a false move as the officer approached him, then they’d have a credible argument for shooting him. But Shaver obviously would have done anything they told him to avoid being shot and yet they dragged this out for five minutes, making it needlessly complicated until he was shot anyway.
  • Radley Balko: This is hands down the worst police shooting video I’ve ever seen. Just horrifying. This was an execution. And the (now former) officer was just acquitted…READ MORE

However, some view it as morally wrong but not legally wrong

Patterico: I am going to sum up my position on this in a nutshell, right up front, so there can be no mistake about what my views are: 1) I believe this was an avoidable tragedy.  2) The police officer’s instructions were absurd and contradictory.  3) The video is infuriating because much of the time it’s impossible to guess what the cop actually wanted Shaver to do.  4) Shaver’s reaching for his waist was a fatal mistake.  5) The cop who shot Shaver was probably really scared.  6) Whether this shooting was criminal or justified is a decision for a jury that has all the evidence. You can’t make up your mind based on this single video. You need more facts…READ MORE

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