Show Prep December 12th, 2017

SPECIAL ELECTION IN ALABAMA: Polls All Over The Place…Fox News Poll shows Democrat Doug Jones up 10 pointsEmerson Poll has Republican Roy Moore up 9 pointsMonmouth University Poll has the race tied

Nate Silver of 538 breaks it down:  “I still think Moore is favored, although not by much; Jones’s chances are probably somewhere in the same ballpark as Trump’s were of winning the Electoral College last November (about 30 percent).

The reason I say that is because in a state as red as Alabama, Jones needs two things to go right for him: He needs a lopsided turnout in his favor, andhe needs pretty much all of the swing voters in Alabama (and there aren’t all that many of them) to vote for him. Neither of these are all that implausible. But if either one goes wrong for Jones, Moore will probably win narrowly (and if both go wrong, Moore could still win in a landslide). The stakes couldn’t be much higher for the candidates — or for the pollsters who surveyed the race.”  READ MORE

REMINDER: Senator Thom Tillis has called for an immediate ethics investigation if Moore wins…Tillis said on Buzzfeed’s “AM to DM” Twitter morning show that he thinks an investigation should take place before the chamber moves to expel Moore or take other action. “We need to examine the facts and let those facts lead us where they may,” he said. (h/t The Hill)

Can the US Senate expel Moore?  Former chief counsel and staff director of the Senate and House ethics committee, Robert Walker, says Yes and No…The Senate may not “exclude” Moore — that is, refuse to swear him in and seat him — if he is elected…No rule or precedent would stand in the way of the Senate investigating and adjudicating the allegations against Moore through its bipartisan Select Committee on Ethics. No rule or precedent would prevent the full Senate from imposing a sanction commensurate with any proven offense. If he is elected and seated, the Senate will have the power — if it chooses to exercise it and if the evidence established through the ethics process supports the outcome — even to expel Moore…READ MORE

Court Fees Unconstitutional?  Attorney argues yes…”Social justice groups rolled out their offensive against North Carolina’s court fees Monday, arguing that many of them violate the state constitution and pushing back against both increasing fees and a General Assembly clampdown on the judges who waive them.  The N.C. Constitution earmarks all penalties and fines collected in criminal cases “exclusively for maintaining free public schools,” but many of the fees defendants are charged go to the courts system or law enforcement. In fact, in response to a recent new law requiring notice to agencies funded by these fees before a judge can waive them, the state’s Administrative Office of the Courts identified more than 600 such agencies.” READ MORE

MAKING IT RAIN...According to data released by the Chronicle of Higher Education Wake Forest University President Nathan Hatch received 4 million dollars in 2015 making him the highest paid college president in the United States.  Two other North Carolina college presidents made it on the list – Richard Brodhead (Duke) & Nido Quebin (High Point).

Kyle Smith at Bloomberg reports that president salaries are increasing concurrently with student debt...As college presidents’ compensation has risen, so have tuition and student loan debt. In 2004, about $364 billion in student loans was outstanding. That figure has more than tripled to $1.3 trillion, according to the most recent New York Fed data.  “You have a lot of people arguing that the pay for presidents is out of line for someone in a nonprofit education role,” Bauman said…READ MORE

PROMOTION: Jason Saine picked by ALEC to be there national chairman for 2018…WATCH VIDEO

PUSH FOR AMAZON CONTINUES: Andrew Dunn (Charlotte Agenda) says North Carolina is better off for even attempting according to his interview with NC Commerce Secretary Tony Copeland…The chase for Amazon’s second headquarters reinvigorated a boosterism that never recovered from the Great Recession, particularly in Charlotte. We’ve dug up statistics on our educated workforce, quality of life and growing state GDP.  “It made us look at ourselves and examine ourselves and say, ‘Woah, we’re a great place,’” Copeland said.  Maybe it won’t be Amazon. But I’m thinking other big companies are going to take notice…READ MORE

We are already winning the attention of big companies, remember…”It could be just a matter of weeks before Toyota announces where it will build its auto plant venture with Mazda – and North Carolina is considered still in the running” (h/t N&O)

However the prize for winning the car plant is a billion dollar check we have to write…

Brian Balfour at Civitas says surely Cooper won’t agree to this…Surely, Gov. Cooper – who has been opposed to “corporate tax giveaways“, and has voiced support for “a fair but low tax environment” – will come out strongly against this unfair massive corporate giveaway. Right?

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