Month: January 2018

1/30/18 – Hour Three

Congressman David Rouzer joins Tyler to talk about President Donald Trump's State of the Union tonight, immigration reform, the possibility of another shutdown, the continued growing economy, and possible entitlement reform. Amazon, JP Morgan, & Berkshire Hathaway announce plan to get involved in health-care, and David Macaione, from National Home ...

1/30/18 – Hour Two

Wilmington's planning commission sends short-term rental issue to the City Council, The Trump administrations plan to create a 5G network is universally planned by both Republicans & Democrats, There are no such things as natural monopolies, and the North Carolina teachers union snubs the state superintendent because they don't like ...

1/30/18 – Hour One

GOP on House Panel vote to release the controversial Devin Nunes memo, President Trump prepares for the State of the Union and some are wondering in the age of communication if we even need the SOTU anymore, Kristen Gillibrand gets grilled on the view by Meghan McCain for her inconsistence ...

Bumper Music 1/30/18

6AM 6:15: Icona Pop - I Love It 6:30: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Runnin' for a Dream 6:45: Fuel - Bittersweet 7AM 7:15: Skrillex - Summit 7:30: Calloway - I Wanna Be Rich 7:45: Silverchair - Anthem for the Year 2000 8AM 8:15: Icona Pop - I Love ...

1/29/18 – Hour Three

Kenneth Star & Robert Gates both agree that the President has the power to fire Mueller but it would be a huge political mistake to do so while Matthew Dowd argues the only way to save the Republic is to destroy it and Scott Lincicome, trade attorney, Adjunct Scholar at ...

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Senator Thom Goolsby (Board Of Governors)

Blair Ellis (RNC)