President Donald Trump signed new CR to keep the government funded till February 8th…President Trump signed the spending bill Monday evening.  The impact of the shutdown, which began at midnight Friday, was minimal, leaving hundreds of thousands of federal workers unsure of what the week would bring — but apparently stretching into just one workday.  Lawmakers agreed to fund the government through Feb. 8 after McConnell (R-Ky.) said he would address the status of young immigrants called “dreamers” who were brought to this country illegally as children…READ MORE

POLITICO reports that White House aides learned a valuable during this shutdown fight.  Based on the success of the GOP on messaging, sometimes when it comes to the President less is more…In the end, the stand-back-and-watch approach paid off, putting pressure on Senate leaders to reach an agreement to open the government on their own — and delivering Trump a much-needed victory, according to half a dozen White House officials and advisers.  The approach represented a sharp departure from recent months, when Trump’s off-script and sometimes contradictory comments during meetings with lawmakers of both parties — from an hourlong televised meeting with congressional leaders in which the president seemed open to abandoning his own policy positions to his closed-door comments about not welcoming immigrants from “shithole” countries — sent immigration negotiations careening off track…READ MORE


POLITICO: Democrats Get Rolled In Shutdown Standoff…Democrats lost the shutdown war. That much was obvious when they voted to re-open the government with little to show for it. They had vowed for weeks not to back any funding bill without a bipartisan agreement to protect so-called Dreamers. But as Washington entered day three of a government shutdown, Democrats folded, voting to reopen the government barely any closer to their goal.  Republicans declared victory…READ MORE

WaPo: Democrats Caved On The Shutdown, And They’re Admitting It…What’s clear is that on the very first day of the shutdown on which the federal government was actually supposed to be open, Democrats pretty quickly took a deal that was well shy of what they were demanding. They seemed to be losing leverage as Republicans like Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) who had opposed the continuing resolution seemed to be warming to it, and if just a few Democratic senators followed suit, the whole thing would have blown up…READ MORE

WSJ: The Schumer Surrender…Add this to the list of ways in which Donald Trump is conducting an unconventional presidency. For the first time in memory, Republicans just won a public debate over shutting down the government. Recent history says that the GOP can now expect a series of other wins this year on spending and debt…READ MORE

LIVID: The liberal base is seething at the Democrat leaders who caved so quickly without getting anything for immigrants….Murshed Zaheed, political director of the liberal group CREDO Action, said Democrats’ decision shows Schumer’s willingness to betray progressives.  “Call it the #SchumerSellout,” he said in an interview. “Hashtagged.”  Ben Wikler, Washington director of, slammed McConnell’s offer to Democrats and lamented the minority’s splintering over protecting Dreamers.  “What’s clear from today’s joke deal is that the grassroots movement demanding unity and courage has a lot of work to do to ensure that the whole Democratic caucus is ready to fight when the time comes,” he said in an interview…READ MORE


Emily Jashinsky of the Washington Examiner back in August covered the Netroots Nation and wrote that the far left wanted bolder candidates…Jason Kander, who lost his red-state race to Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., last November offered a solution to that problem: Go bolder.  “Voters will forgive you for believing something that they don’t believe so long as they know that you truly believe it,” he told conference goers, urging them to be unapologetic advocates for their ideas. In fact, calls for “bolder” advocacy were ubiquitous on Thursday, from the lips of a local mayor on a panel all the way to the keynote speech Congresswoman Lee gave that evening…READ MORE

Jeff Greenfield at POLITICO over the weekend said blue dogs were the key to the 2006 wave for the Democrats.  If the Democrats decide to go super far left it could hurt their chances in November…The last time Democrats took the House away from Republicans, in 2006, a number of so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats, who did not share the base’s view on issues like gun control or abortion, were part of that victory. With a party now substantially to the left of where it was a decade ago, especially on social issues, there’s a real question about whether it will find itself with candidates simply unable to compete effectively in November in marginal districts…READ MORE

Rich Lowry at National Review points out that #TheResistance has limitations…[Chuck Schumer’s] embarrassing climbdown after a short, mostly weekend shutdown shows the limits of the resistance. Yes, an anti-Trump midterm wave appears to be building, and Democratic activists — marching in the streets by the tens of thousands and badgering Republicans at town-hall meetings — are energized. But this doesn’t mean that Democrats can act with impunity so long as they are fighting under an anti-Trump banner….READ MORE


Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that congressional district are too partisan and therefore unconstitutional…In a 4-to-3 decision, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ordered the Republican-controlled state legislature to redraw the lines by Feb. 9, an extraordinarily quick timeline that will reset the districts in time for the state’s May congressional primaries. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf will have veto power over the maps…Pennsylvania Republicans cried foul and said they would try to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court…READ MORE

MY BLOG POST: If anyone was wondering whether not this is a concentrated effort by liberal activist judges across the country to change the rules of redistricting.  Wonder no more…READ MORE

Kevin Williamson says the problem is the Republicans are so much better at gerrymandering than the Democrats are and they apparently can’t handle it…The problem is that Republicans are doing precisely the same thing Democrats did for so many years, but they’re too good at it. Democrats assure their voters that Republicans are a bunch of knuckle-dragging God-botherers who despise science, but it turns out the GOP can get behind computer science in a big way when given the proper motivation…READ MORE

Democrats have a politically convenient change of heart…North Carolina’s election maps have been ruled illegal racial or partisan gerrymanders several times in recent years, so a Democrat in the state Senate recently proposed the creation of an independent redistricting commission…READ MORE

Only One Problem: The Democrats “independent” redistricting plan gives the Democrats the tie-breaking vote…On Jan. 10, Jackson and two other Democrats proposed a bill that would require the chief justice of the N.C. Supreme Court and party leaders in the General Assembly to appoint three Republicans and three Democrats. The governor would complete the nine-member commission, appointing three people – which could include two members of his own party…READ MORE

Off Shore Drilling

WOW: Wall Street Journal reports that US oil production is expected to surpass Saudi Arabia…Crude output in the U.S. will likely climb above 10 million barrels a day in 2018, which would top the high set in 1970, the International Energy Agency said Friday.  The IEA, a Paris-based organization that advises governments and companies, raised its outlook for U.S. crude supply this year by 260,000 barrels a day, to a record 10.4 million barrels a day, largely a result of the recent rally in crude prices.  Saudi Arabia produces just under 10 million barrels a day, under an agreement with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries…READ MORE

New Hanover County votes to oppose offshore drilling…Earlier Monday, New Hanover County became the latest to adopt a resolution opposing offshore drilling. The resolution wasn’t originally part of the agenda, but was hurriedly added after board Chairman Woody White on Jan. 4 tweeted his opposition to offshore drilling…READ MORE

REMINDER: BrunCo just changed their official position from supportive of offshore drilling to neutral… In a surprise move, Brunswick County commissioners tonight voted to reverse course and rescind a resolution adopted more than two years ago that supported offshore drilling…READ MORE

Governor Cooper threatens to sue the federal government if the Trump administration does not get an exemption like the state of Florida…Cooper said that if North Carolina is not exempted from the offshoring drilling plans, the state will sue the federal government.  “Last Friday, I called Secretary Zinke myself to say, ‘What about us? What about North Carolina?'” Cooper said. “We want to be exempt, too”  The reason for Florida’s possible exemption? According to Cooper, a vibrant coastal tourism industry as well as the strong voice of local and state opposition.  Cooper added his administration and dozens of coastal towns have the same concerns…READ MORE