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Teacher Protests

This is the most ridiculous oped I might have ever read.  The Wilmington Star News disappoints me once again…

Closing schools in New Hanover and Brunswick counties on May 16 will cause major headaches for a lot of people.

Students will lose a day of instruction near the end of the school year. Families — many with either a single parent or both parents working — will have to scramble to provide care for children who won’t be in school that day.

Closing down so teachers can go to a rally in Raleigh — more than 600 New Hanover teachers will be attending, and nearly 300 from Brunswick — sets an iffy precedent.

Still, we find it hard to blame the teachers, who have been peaceably complaining through proper channels for years. They have plenty of legitimate grievances. SN

Now, I must admit, the Star News does mention the teacher raises over the last 5 years but they say teachers argue there is more to story. Which I agree.  Apparently some of the teachers are upset they have to pay more healthcare.  Previously, teachers got free healthcare now the have to pay $25 dollars a month.  Considering health care benefits are worth anywhere from 3-5 grand paying 300 bucks a month doesn’t seem so bad.  Some teachers also complain that the complicated nature of teacher pay supplements in richer counties are more than poorer rural counties.  To which anyone should respond with, duh!  It costs more money to live in high cost area so they need more money to do it.  This is why there is a discrepancy between the different school districts.

The oped goes to list the tried old cliches about teachers like OMG they have to buy their own supplies!  The reality is, teachers have gotten 5 raises in 5 years.  They are going to get another one this year and the General Assembly continues to advocate for teachers despite the fact that teachers union in the state are doing everything in their power to undermine the General Assembly.  There is no other group that gets more attention and more accolades than teachers.  Closing down schools across the state is not a good look. I, however, do agree with the star news that voting is a much better way to get your point across.  Teachers will have a big decision in November.  Vote for the GOP who has increased teacher salaries every year in power or vote the Democrats whose last act in power was cutting salaries.  Tough choice…

McCrory Controversy

Former Governor, and current morning talk show host on WBT, Pat McCrory was discussing the results of the election last Tuesday…

On his hour-long show Wednesday, McCrory weighed in on what he called this “tremendous change in dynamics in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.” He told listeners that endorsements from the city’s Black Political Caucus now determine who wins in the Democratic primary and, increasingly, in the general election.

But he also used words with racial connotations to make his case: “We have become a very segregated city and county regarding political affiliation and also the political race of the voters — the African-American power within the Democratic Party through the Black Political Caucus where you have African-Americans leading the mayor, the county commission, the school board and now the sheriff, which is a big change (from) the last 20 years.”

McCrory said the current political landscape in Charlotte-Mecklenburg lacked the “diversity” of even 10 years ago. Again, he pointed to the Black Political Caucus, which has “total control.” N&O

My favorite response to McCrory’s comments come from a former mayor of Charlotte

Harvey Gantt, who became Charlotte’s first black mayor in 1983, called McCrory’s comments “unfortunate. … (They) almost sound like the black community and the caucus are doing something illegitimate. That’s not true. All people have the opportunity to run.”

Gantt suggested that the real segregation worth worrying about in Charlotte-Mecklenburg is in public schools and housing. “Shouldn’t we all be concerned about segregated schools?” Gantt said.

Here is the 64,000 dollar question, is diversity good or bad?  We need to figure this out, because for decades liberal democrats have been outraged by the lack of diversity and appropriate representation.  If they really believed that then they should be concerned by the lack diversity in Charlotte.  Far too many idiots think diversity just means minorities.  Diversity means everyone is represented.  All races, religions, and political affiliations.  If the democrats only want to see minorities in office, then just say that.  However, if the goal is diversity than what is happening in Charlotte isn’t right and the Democrats should stand with McCrory and his comments.  Anyone want to bet if they do…


Staying within the arguments of the story above, I have to think this is kind of racist…

North Carolina activists who want to eliminate the cash bail system say they were able to release at least three black women from one county jail who otherwise would have spent Mother’s Day behind bars.

For the second consecutive year, about 20 Asheville activists participated in the Black Mamas Bail Out. It’s a national movement that shows support for incarcerated black mothers and protests the cash bail system.1

The Asheville Citizen-Times reports that by the end of the day Friday, the Asheville group had bailed out three women from the Buncombe County Detention Center. WRAL

I just can’t imagine a White Mamas Bail Out being anywhere near as celebrated.  I think there is a legitimate argument to make about bail and possible violations of the 8th & 14th amendments.  I’m not saying I agree, but I think you can make an argument.  This mostly deals with poor people.  Poor people are people of all races.  I understand the argument that black people are incarnated at a higher rate and so therefore a program that targets black women statistically might make sense.  However, I think it unnecessarily polarizes an issue on race where you could see support from the majority of North Carolinians and Americans.

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