Morning Glory Tuesday May 15th, 2018

Teacher Clowned by N&O

It’s probably not a good sign when a teacher posts a sympathetic post on Facebook and even the News & Observer isn’t buying it.  A UNCW graduate, and current teacher in Stokes county, posted his paycheck showing take home pay for month.  It showed just over 1,700 dollars, but that wasn’t even close to the whole story…

“I’m not a math wizard … but when you divide that, I want you to know that I am roughly being paid $53 a day to educate your child,” Brandes wrote. “If you divide that by 8 hours, the amount a great deal of people think I work which in actual reality is nowhere near the amount I work, I will be making $6.69 an hour. In my state, NC, the minimum wage is currently $7.70.”

Brandes counted every day of the month in his daily pay estimate.

If you account for all 21 Monday through Friday working days in April, Brandes’ pay comes out closer to about $81.70 per day.

A North Carolina teacher with 10 years of experience makes about $40,550 per year before taxes, according to state salary data. A Stokes County teacher also receives a county supplement, about 4 percent of their annual pay, according to the school system. That would mean a teacher with Brandes’ level of experience makes about $42,172 per year before taxes. N&O

Brandes mentions early in his post that his 1,700 dollar take home is after he pays for childcare  and health insurance.  He mentions he is “not a math wizard”, he has no idea.  The News & Observer speculates that he makes 42k a year based on longevity pay and his county’s supplemental pay.  Brandes says his wife is a teacher too.  Assuming she is the same age and works in the same county she also makes 42k a year.  That means total household income is 84 grand a year.  But we’re not done.  They get three months off in the summer.  Let’s be generous and say they take one month off for vacation.  That leaves them two months to work 9-5 Monday through Friday.  Assuming they make similar pay, that means they each would make around $4,600 a month for two months means an additional $18,400 dollars a year means their total household income for the year would be, drum roll please…. $103,000 dollars a year.  That is just above two times the median household income in the state in a county that has a below average cost of living.  Cry me a river…

College Sports & Money

With the big SCOTUS decision announced yesterday dealing with gambling and sports you have to wonder if this will hurt or help Congressman Mark Walker’s latest initiative…

Rep. Mark Walker, from Greensboro, wrote that current NCAA rules regarding the name, image and likeness of college athletes “strips them of their identity and sovereignty over their public image.”

“As with every other freedom, they don’t go away. They are just transferred to empower someone else. In this case, those publicity rights and the large wealth created by them are held tight by school athletic departments, sports conference board rooms and NCAA administrators,” Walker wrote in an opinion article for The News & Observer. N&O

It is important to remember that Mark Walker is a the chair of Republican Study Committee which is the largest Republican caucus and was the House Freedom Caucus before the HFC.  Walker has got some power and the tide does seem to be changing on finding a way to pay college athletes.  With income inequality constantly being discussed in politics.  It is not surpassing that people are looking that these 10 figure TV contracts, 9 figure stadiums, and 8 figure coaching salaries and wondering what the student athletes who are the key to the entire operation are getting out of it. I’m not sure if the latest SCOTUS ruling will help this movement or hurt it but it definitely has people talking…

Mo’ Money Mo’ Parking

If you like downtown Wilmington, you might have to pay more for it…

Separate proposals to raise the price of parking downtown and simultaneously reduce the speed limit on two major city streets will go before the Wilmington City Council this week.

The council will hear a city ordinance proposal at Tuesday’s meeting to raise parking fees for on-street metered spots from $1.25 to $1.50 per hour and monthly fees for several downtown parking decks.

For the Second Street and Market Street decks, monthly unreserved single-space rates would go up $5 to $60, if the ordinance is approved as is. Monthly reserved spots would increase from $100 to $110, while uncovered rooftop spots at the Market Street deck would rise $5 to $35. SN

I used to hate downtown Wilmington.  I have warmed to it in recent years but unfortunately one of the reasons I hated it was because of the parking.  It’s very difficult and expensive to park anywhere in downtown versus other parts of SENC.  What I do understand is the logic.  they are lengthening the time for free parking while penalizing those that want to stay longer.  This seems bizarre.  If someone is in and out within an hour in downtown its most likely because they have to be downtown.  Most likely for work.  If you want to maximize revenue these are the people you should be targeting, the people who have no choice.  Targeting those who are making a day trip in downtown seems counterintuitive.  Someone looking for a day of fun, shopping, and maybe grabbing lunch has options.  They could go to Mayfair, the Forum, Landfall center, the Pointe, etc..  Someone who has to meet their lawyer or account or financial advisor has no other choice.  Don’t penalize the leisure visitor, go after the mandatory one.  Business 101.

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