Morning Glory Wednesday May 16th, 2018

Short Sessions Begins!

As if things weren’t controversial enough.  Let the fun begin…

Teacher pay is just one of many issues expected to divide legislators when they start up their new session, which will likely last throughout most of the summer. They could discuss new constitutional amendments, or bills related to current issues like gerrymandering and school safety.

But the budget will take up much of their attention, as they grapple with how to tweak the tentative budget they passed last year. Since that vote, a budget surplus has added hundreds of millions of dollars to what the state can budget. Debates over the best way to allocate that money has divided Republicans and Democrats even before the start of this session, with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and Republican legislative leaders Sen. Phil Berger and Rep. Tim Moore giving dueling press conferences laying out their priorities. N&O

The News & Observer focuses on 7 main issues that they believe will be the focus of the short session.  They are Teacher pay, school safety, mental health, school construction, prison safety, GenX, & redistricting. I’m not sure how big redistricting is going to be because it is so complicated and most legislators I have talked to said they want this to be a real short session.  Besides redistricting, those other 6 issues to seem the most likely to be part of the debate in Raleigh.  

Heroin Deaths Increase 13 Fold

This is a terrifying report from Duke University that studied the entire state…

Brunswick and New Hanover are among four counties in the state that have seen a 13-fold jump in heroin deaths from 1999 to 2016, according to a study by a team of Duke University students and facility.

The study of death certificates showed that North Carolina experienced an 800 percent increase in opioid deaths in that span.

Brunswick, New Hanover, Gaston and Vance counties showed a much higher leap in those numbers.

Nicole Schramm-Sapyta, an assistant professor in the Duke Institute for Brain Studies, who led the North Carolina study, speculated that suppliers may have targeted Brunswick and New Hanover counties due to their location on the coast and the fact that they are tourist destinations.

Schramm-Sapyta also mentioned that the ports in Wilmington and Southport are probable points of entry for heroin smuggling. WECT

Let’s make sure we don’t put that on any brochures…


You would think after the failure of occupy wall street, black lives matter, and moral monday protests these idiots would try a different tactic.  Guess what?  You’d be wrong…

Protesters blocked traffic in front of the North Carolina Legislative Building on Monday as part of a national campaign to draw attention in statehouses across the country to poverty.

Raleigh police cited 49 people with impeding the flow of traffic on Jones Street, which passes by the front door of the halls of power in North Carolina’s capital where the Republican-led General Assembly has spent much of the past decade charting a new political course for this state.

At the afternoon protest, they hoisted signs that said “Systemic Racism Is Immoral,” “Invest in People Not Prisons,” “Fight Poverty, Not the Poor,” “Got Money For War, But Can’t Feed the Poor.” N&O

This is sales 101.  When you are trying to convince some to agree with you it might help if they like you.  I’m not sure why these protestors think aggravating people is going to magically make them come over to their side.  It’s illogical and it probably explain why the same 1,000 people (NOTE: there were FARRRRRR fewer than a 1,000 people at this rally, maybe 100)  keep trying the same tactic with a different name.  I don’t care what they call it because the result is always the same.  Failure

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