Morning Call: August 10th, 2018


White Fight

Laura Ingraham set Twitter ablaze Wednesday after a monologue in which she blamed American’s decline on demographic shifts…

“In some parts of the country it does seem like the America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore,” Ingraham continued. “Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people. And they’re changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don’t like.

“Now much of this is related to both illegal and, in some cases, legal immigration that of course progressives love,” she added.

She concluded by arguing that “it’s not about race or ethnicity” but many were not buying it.  Kimberly Ross at Red State says the only thing that has no place in this country is Ingraham’s bigotry…

If a disintegration of your culture is worrisome, then perhaps you should teach your kids and their kids about their own ancestry and heritage? Celebrate your lives and the lives of those who have gone before. Amazingly enough, the mere existence of other cultures doesn’t actually diminish yours.

America is made up of a diverse population of individuals. These citizens were either born here or legally discovered the opportunity and hope that exists within our borders later in life. I won’t ever ask legal immigrants to leave because they don’t look, think, or act like me.

SE Cupp at CNN said this message was meant for a particular audience and it probably succeeded…

To many, that sounded racist. That’s because it is. She isn’t complaining that the country’s getting older or younger, richer or poorer, that we’re having more or fewer children or moving to the suburbs. She’s complaining that people who come to America from other countries — even legally — are making this country unrecognizable to her. Indeed, to “us.”

Who “us” means is also clear: Fox News viewers, who are predominantly 65 and older and white. I know many of those viewers, and I’m sad to say that message probably resonated with a lot of them.

Race relations deteriorated under President Barack Obama.  Things have probably gotten worse under President Trump.  It is hard to even talk about the feelings that many have in the white community without being labeled a racist.  David French argues in a piece that he wrote before all this controversy broke out. That discussion of American cultural conflicts has to take place alongside pivotal conversations about race, not instead of them…

Thus, conservative white Americans look at urban multicultural liberalism and notice an important fact: Its white elite remains, and continues to enjoy staggering amounts of power and privilege. So when that same white elite applauds the decline of “white America,” what conservatives often hear isn’t a cheer for racial justice but another salvo in our ongoing cultural grudge match, with the victors seeking to elevate black and brown voices while remaining on top themselves.

This is but one short piece. Other pieces can be written about the role race undeniably plays in our politics and culture. But it’s important to understand that when conservatives confront a political coalition that seems to be cheering the decline of “whiteness,” they often experience it as an attack on “white people the Left doesn’t like.”

As for the rest? They roll on, enjoying the same power and the same privilege. They’ve sacrificed little and stand to gain a lot: nothing short of victory in the great white culture war.

French’s piece quotes a recent article by Reihan Salem who argues that upper-class whites seem to revel in the bashing of lower-class whites as a way to disaffiliate themselves from that culture.  This is something that does seem to be almost an exclusive trait within the white community.  You don’t see these disaffiliation tendencies with Black or Hispanic leader even though the same problems of drug use, low graduation rates, and chronic unemployment are just as prevalent in their low-class communities as well.

What I took away from French’s piece can be applied to Laura Ingraham’s monologue.  Ingraham’s monologue addresses the very problems that French is talking about.  However, her, and many others, animosity is directed at the wrong group.  It’s not the diversity in your community that is making you feel like crap, its Democrats in Washington.  If elected elitists on the coast are putting down your community direct your anger towards them, not your neighbor.  You and your neighbor have a lot more in common than you think.

In Other News

– Vice President Mike Pence outlines the plan for Space Force.  No word on when the plan to preemptively attack Klendathu begins…

Five idiotic moments in the most recent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez interview…



Of Course, They Screwed This Up

Leave it to the government to screw up selling the most in-demand product in the world.  A new audit finds the ABC system wasted millions of taxpayer money every year…

The audit found that the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission lost the state nearly a million dollars a year — specifically, $11.3 million over the course of 13 years — due to poor handling of contracts. ABC officials also wasted $2.1 million by renting warehouse space that they then kept empty for seven years, the audit found.

The audit found that at least five times the state paid for services that it didn’t have to pay for. And in both 2008 and 2016, the contractor received more money, citing increasing fuel costs, even though its fuel costs were actually down in those years.

I know you are going to be shocked by this, but it turns out the ABC Commission was not very cooperative…

Her staff also said in the audit that the ABC Commission did not appear very eager to assist in the investigation, giving only “limited assistance” until Wood’s office threatened to subpoena documents.

I highly doubt anyone is surprised by this.  After all, we are the home of one of the biggest scandals in North Carolina ABC history with New Hanover County ABC administrator Billy Williams.  Williams was not only the highest paid administrator in the state at $232k but he also stole money from the taxpayers (FYI: He still gets a $194k pension).  The problem with the ABC system is it makes so much money.  Pretty much all government programs lose money so red ink is not an uncommon site.  In fact, it is expected.  So when a branch of the government is making bank nobody cares about efficiency.  The fact that they are in the green is all the matters.  The fact that they could be deeper in the green is of no consequence.  Hopefully, this audit will change that attitude.  If not, and in all honesty even if they do, we need to privatize liquor sales.  Why is the government controlling things again?  It’s def not for efficiency purposes…

In Other News

–  Many people were shocked that I had never been hunting in my life until last year. Truth is, I was waiting for this: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that North Carolina will allow the first alligator hunt in more than 40 years…

Democrat Republican Supreme Court candidate, Chris Anglin, is being accused of switching parties to help the Democrat win by splitting the Republican vote.  He says he is trying to offer the voters a true constitutional Republican option.  To prove this point he said he would drop out of the race if he loses the R next to your name…wait…what?

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