Op-Ed Of The Day

Judge Brett Kavanaugh published an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal that explained his emotional testimony at the Senate hearing and why that is not a reflection of his temperament on the bench.

Kavanaugh writes, “I was very emotional last Thursday, more so than I have ever been. I might have been too emotional at times. I know that my tone was sharp, and I said a few things I should not have said. I hope everyone can understand that I was there as a son, husband and dad. I testified with five people foremost in my mind: my mom, my dad, my wife, and most of all my daughters.”

He goes on to explain his 28 years on the bench is by far a better indicator of his temperament than one day of testimony.  Read the full op/ed here… https://on.wsj.com/2ygXhtn 

Feelin Good

Even before the Kavanaugh op/ed, the Senate Republicans were feeling confident heading into today’s cloture vote.

Asked in a later interview whether he has the votes, Cornyn said only: “I’m optimistic. I’m going to let senators make their own announcements, but I’m optimistic we’ll get there.”

The vote really comes down to the big three (Flake, Collins, & Murkowski) and things are looking good.  Flake and Collins both expressed confidence to reporters in the breadth of the FBI’s probe.  They both also attended a party lunch on Thursday… https://politi.co/2Rt4IWP 


The VA in Wilmington, not unlike other VA facilities across the country,  seems to always find itself caught up in controversy and now it apparently is getting some new owners.

WECT reports that the private owners of the Wilmington VA clinic are looking to sell the facility to a new buyer.

This sale comes on the heels of a report that the current owners are under a criminal investigation by the VA inspector general into the leasing procedures and bidding process used when the Wilmington VA clinic was built.

The criminal investigation stems from the VA inspector general who found the VA’s Office of Construction and Facilities Management overpaid by millions to lease the land from ILM… http://bit.ly/2NpIhyP