Cocaine Mitch FTW

Cocaine Mitch delivered the win for President Trump, his supporters, and all Republicans by getting the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh over the goal line on Saturday.

Kavanaugh was sworn in during a private ceremony closed off to the press a few hours after the historic vote.  Retired justice Anthony M. Kennedy led him through the oath as Chief Justice John Roberts along with two 4 other justices looked on.

GOP senators were generally more restrained in public, though some of Kavanaugh’s most enthusiastic supporters, such as Senator Lindsey Graham, took victory laps on Twitter.

The #Beers4Brett hashtag was born last month but went legitimately viral after the confirmation vote Saturday.  A member of the College Republicans at the University of Washington drank his first beer in the name of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh…


Hour before the final vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, Senator Thom Tillis sent out a statement warning against a future filled with “the politics of personal destruction.”

“Roles will be eventually reversed when a Democratic president nominates a Supreme Court justice,” Tillis said. “For the good of the nation, Republicans must resist the urge to reciprocate the politics of personal destruction when that time comes.”

Tillis also warned the GOP that “If Republicans ever decide to emulate the Democrats’ search and destroy playbook, they can count me out,” 

Bipartisan Vandalism

Apparently a vandal is upset with both political parties in Brunswick country.

Pictures show the Republican headquarters sign with the words “spineless worms” spray painted in black letters across one side of the sign and “gutless rinos” spray painted across the other side.

Pictures show the Democrat headquarters sign with the words “Alinksy scum” on one side and “treason & pedophile.” spray painted on the other side…