What Blue Wave?

Despite the conventional wisdom that a blue wave is going to engulf the GOP in its wake a new poll from SurveyUSA and Spectrum News says not so fast.

The poll finds that the generic ballot for both state and federal candidates in North Carolina is a statistical tie.  It also finds that while President Donald Trump is underwater his numbers are better in the tar-heel state than nationally.

The best news for the GOP is the overwhelming support for the constitutional amendments.  Only one amendment failed to register 50% support and some of the so-called most controversial amendments, Voter-ID  and Tax Cap, both got over 58%… http://bit.ly/2QHorkL

You’re Not Fired

It looks like Rod Rosenstein is safe…for now.  President Trump said Monday that he has no plans to fire the Deputy Attorney General saying that the two had a good talk while traveling together on Air Force One to an event in Florida.

After reports emerged that Rosenstein wanted to wiretap the president early in his tenure, Trump and Rosenstein were scheduled to meet late last month. But Trump postponed the meeting amid an all-consuming controversial confirmation process for Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Rosenstein offered to resign last month after reports that he contemplated secretly recording conversations with the president.  However, the president has told associates that he doesn’t believe that account… https://wapo.st/2yrJe3V 

Growth Downgrade

Trade tensions have finally started to hit economic activity and the IMF’s global growth forecasts have been downgraded.

The IMF said the global economy is now expected to grow at 3.7 percent this year and next year — down 0.2 percentage points from an earlier forecast, according to the fund’s latest World Economic Outlook report released on Tuesday.

The IMF maintained that the U.S. and China will grow by 2.9 percent and 6.6 percent, respectively, this year but said both would slow more than expected to 2.5 percent and 6.2 percent, respectively, in 2019… https://cnb.cx/2pI3KJV