Was HB2 Right?

Did a Georgia school system’s transgender bathroom policy play a role in a young girl’s assault?  The Education Department is investigating to find out.

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a civil rights complaint in June with the Education Department against City Schools of Decatur.  The complaint outlines the girl’s allegations that she was sexually assaulted in a girl’s bathroom by a “gender fluid” classmate who was born male.

City Schools of Decatur officials have contested the version of events laid out in the complaint, asking whether the assault reported by the girl did happened and contradicting claims that the classmate the girl identified is “gender fluid.”

I guess we’re not believing all women anymore… https://wapo.st/2INYoFG

Not The Hero We Want

Scott Holmes is the attorney representing the vandals who destroyed public property by tearing down the Silent Sam statue on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill on August 20th.

Holmes, apparently, believes that his vandal clients are heroes, “These folks have been characterized by folks at the university and elected officials as unruly, or vandals, or a mob, but history will tell us and will look back on these folks and see that what they were doing is [like] a long line of folks who have resisted white supremacy,” Holmes said. “The same folks who committed the crime of trespassing, sit-in counters and were reviled then are now heroes because they resisted white supremacy.”

These heroes cases were continued to Nov. 5. Another group of protesters is due in court Oct. 18… http://bit.ly/2OPrOZt

Never Trump No More

The Kavanaugh controversy has been a major boon to the Republican party.  Not only because it has energized the base and given conservatives a 5-4 majority.  It appears to have also killed the New Trump movement.

Matt Lewis explains this development, “When under attack, you circle the wagons. This is an understandable emotional response, but there is also a somewhat rational explanation: simple acceptance. As Ben Shapiro (a former Never Trumper who says he’s “more apt” to vote for Trump in 2020) told me a while back, most of the damage Trump could do (to the party’s brand and the social fabric of America) has already been done. It’s water under the bridge. If you’re going to suffer the downside of Trump, why not reap the benefits… https://thebea.st/2ILNFM1 ”

Matt Lewis was not alone.  Nathanael Blake at the Federalist has been convinced to exchange his Never Trump hat for a MAGA hate in 2020, “To use the word du jour: I have been radicalized. The enormity of the efforts by the Democrats and their media allies to destroy Brett Kavanaugh forced me to reconsider my views. The concerns I have about Trump’s character, temperament, and propensity to damage America’s cultural and political institutions are still there, but I am supporting him anyway… http://bit.ly/2RGeeX5

As a Never Trumper myself, I have to say this Kavanaugh hearing has made it much more likely that I will vote for Trump in 2020.  I still hate Trump’s ignorant arguments on trade, but if he promises to but another Kavanaugh on the court he’s got my vote.