Rothman: Republicans Cannot Let This Stand


Republicans don’t care about sexual abuse victims. Telegraphed sotto voce or shouted from the mountaintops, that was the message Democrats and their allies attempted to convey from the second the effort to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation transitioned from accusations of racial primitivism and corruption to accusations of sexual violence.

Those who were receptive to this message did not dwell on how those who politicized a sexual assault claim had cheapened it. Nor did they think much about the implication in Democrats’ insistence that they were only prosecuting this allegation of violent criminal activity within the context of a “job interview,” thereby lowering the stakes and devaluing the gravity of the claims against Kavanaugh. The cognitive dissonance persevered in those who wore their concern for sexual assault survivors on their sleeves despite the violation of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s confidentiality against her wishes.

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