The Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, was asked by WTOP about the controversial new legislative effort to allow women to abort a baby during birth.  His response was chilling, “Infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired”  YouTube

If the dems are relying on any Republican voters jumping ship in 2020, AllahPundit says they have another thing coming, “Ask a progressive to name the most vicious thing Trump has done while in office and they’re apt to cite his family separation policy at the border. Practically to a man or woman, all of those same people either enthusiastically support or comfortably tolerate a Democratic leadership that thinks actual out-of-the-womb infanticide is unproblematic. They’re diseased. How could any righty, anti-Trump or not, support them?” HotAir

FYI: Josh Jordan made a very important point on Twitter, ‘Partial birth abortion has historically been opposed by 80%+ of the country.  Gallup did not poll about letting a newborn die on the table after being delivered as discussed by Gov Northam in Virginia today, because that’s beyond abhorrent.” Twitter

Based on Trump dismal approval numbers, the Democrats have a break away heading into 2020.  Instead of laying it off the glass and getting the W the easy way they are deciding to try and a 360 dunk and they are going to brick it…