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Ep. 21 Mr Cohen Goes to Washington

In a dramatic appearance on Capitol Hill Wednesday, President Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, portrayed his former boss as a racist, a conman, a cheat, and a crook. He alleged that Mr. Trump committed a range of criminal act, including after he won the Presidency. The last time Mr. Cohen appeared before Congress, he lied about how long discussions … Read More

Bell Talks State of the State & Judicial Activism

Rep. John Bell, The Majority Leader in the State House, joins Tyler to talk about Governor Cooper’s State of the State, Election fraud in NC9, Judicial activism in the state, and the upcoming school construction bond

Thursday February 28th, 2019

HOUR 1 Trump abruptly ends NoKo summit 2.0 because of sanctions disagreement, Michael Cohen’s testimony to the House oversight committee helps Trump more than it hurts him, and the GOP should have spent more time highlighting this instead of trying to make Cohen look like an untrustworthy liar HOUR 2 Trump abruptly ends NoKo summit 2.0 because of sanctions disagreement, … Read More

Just Try To Be Yourself

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