Trump Announces For 2020

“If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” – President Donald J Trump

Speaking to over 30,000 people, President Donald Trump announced his re-election bid for another term as President of the United state, ““We accomplished more than any other president has in the first 2½ years of a presidency and under circumstances that no president has had to deal with before,” he said, using the hyperbole that has marked much of his career.”  WaPo

GOOD NEWS: RNC internal polling shows President Trump is winning in key battleground states and “voters overall” support re-electing him… FN

BAD NEWS: Fox News own polls are not so good for The President which showed former Vice President Joe Biden toping Trump by 10 points (49-39 percent) and Sanders is up by nine (49-40)… FN

BOTTOMLINE: Nate Silver said it best on Twitter, “To repeat, folks: To have a news cycle about general election polling **a year and a half before the election** is completely preposterous. If you want to argue about something, argue about primary polls.” Twitter


DEAD MAN WALKING  President Trump opened the door Tuesday to possibly firing Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell, an almost unprecedented attack on America’s central bank just as top Fed leaders are meeting in Washington to decide what to do on interest rates… WaPo

FBI LOOKS INTO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC DEATHS: The Federal Bureau of Investigation is working with authorities in the Dominican Republic to investigate the recent deaths of several Americans at resorts in the Caribbean tourist destination… WSJ


“It’s my way or the highway”

Republican legislators and Governor Cooper seem to be at a budget impasse… WRAL

  • ALL ABOUT THAT MEDICAID: Democrats want it.  Republicans don’t.
  • YOU STARTED IT: Republican Senator Harry Brown, “We’re willing to sit down with the governor and have negotiations and conversations and try to work out the differences, but it shouldn’t be an ultimatum based on one item.”
  • NO, YOU STARTED IT: Democrat Darren Jackson, “If the Senate’s proposal is, ‘We’re not going to consider Medicaid expansion, and we’re going to have a $250-plus-million tax cut, and if you want to talk, you have to accept those conditions,’ that’s not negotiating,”

GOOD NEWS: If no budget agreement is in place by July 1, most of the current budget will continue to be in effect.

BAD NEWS: Some programs won’t have funding, and raises will be on hold till they strike a deal.

BOTTOMLINE: Republicans have nothing to lose.  Accepting a possible billion dollar unfunded liability is a nonstarter. The GOP can keep tax rates and spending as is and let Cooper explain why he’s veto cost teachers and other state employees raises in July


RACIST POOL? An outdoor recreation center in North Carolina defended its ban on dreadlocks and hair weaves after some people on social media called the rules racist and discriminatory… N&O

MARK ANTHONY NEIL SAYS IT IS: These antics are a reminder that in many sectors of our communities there are some who still hold to the belief that “No Blacks Allowed” even if they won’t say it out loud… N&O