Friday July 25th, 2019

HOUR 1 House passes a two-year budget that also lifts spending caps and raises the debt ceiling despite conservative opposition, Russians tried to influence our elections and, once again, neither side seems to care too much about that even with new reports that say other countries are ramping up to do the exact same thing HOUR 2 State Treasurer makes … Read More

Thursday July 26th, 2019

HOUR 1 By almost everyone account Rober Mueller bombed during his testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday, WSJ says the only person happier than President Donald Trump is Speaker Nancy Pelosi, John Ratcliffe does a good job of laying out the role of a prosecutor, Ted Lieu almost gets a huge admission from Mueller, and the democrats have their narrative but … Read More

Williamson Discusses His New Book “The Smallest Minority”

Kevin D. Williamson, author of The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics, discusses his new book that lays out the role economic change has in social change, the contradictory belief that sometimes we must back illiberal actions to save our liberal democracy, why hypothetical evils are preferable to real ones, and why most liberals don’t understand … Read More

Wednesday July 24th, 2019

HOUR 1 Robert Mueller testimony begins at 8:30am today, Republicans not happy Mueller’s longtime aide will be by his side, Democrats under pressure to get a win today in Mueller hearing, Civil lawsuit filed in New Hanover County schools scandal of , and New Hanover County announces they will consider selling New Hanover Regional Medical center HOUR 2 New Hanover … Read More