Friday August 30th, 2019

Hurricane Dorian strengths as it continues its path to Florida, Good day on Wall Street with the Dow up 326 points, IG report says Comey violated policies but won’t be charged, and is it good or bad that Americans take a lot less vacation time than workers in other countries

Tillis On Hurricane Matthew Funding

Senator Thom Tillis discusses federal legislation that he is spearheading that will cut bureaucracy and help local communities get Hurricane Matthew money faster and the criticism from Governor Cooper’s office following his press conference yesterday with state GOP leaders

Thursday August 29th, 2019

Senator Kristen Gillibrand drops out of the Presidential race, Surf City mayoral candidate, Jeremy Shuggarts, is charged with 6 election felonies, US stocks were up on a quiet day on Wall Street, Hurricane Dorian update, Senator Thom Tillis criticizes Governor Cooper for continuing slow Hurricane Matthew spending, and participation in High School sports drops for the first time in 30 … Read More

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

An Oklahoma Opioid Stickup The ruling Monday by an Oklahoma judge that┬áJohnson & Johnson┬ámust pay $572 million for selling opioids will be cheered by everyone who wants a scapegoat for the scourge of addiction. But the ruling could have far larger, and more dangerous, consequences by opening a vast new arena for product-liability suits. More than 2,000 states and municipalities … Read More

Hood On Budget Impasse & North Carolina

John Hood, President of the John William Pope Foundation, discusses a possible solution to the budget impasse in Raleigh, North Carolina’s purple state doesn’t mean it is a moderate state, and why Ronald Reagan was more pragmatic than some conservatives think

Tuesday August 27th, 2019

New poll shows a three way tie at the top of the Democratic race for President, video footage outside of Jeffery Epstein’s cell might be unusable, County leaders answer questions at power breakfast about possible sale of NHRMC, and Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $572 million in opioid case but the WSJ editorial board says this might be a … Read More