Thursday November 14th, 2019

The first day of impeachment hearings kick-off, Democrats argue abuse of power, Republicans are arguing appropriate delay of aide, and Marc Thieseen argues that Trump’s defense should be Trump’s naivete and the confusion that caused in the state department

Forest On Free Speech & School Choice

Lt Governor Dan Forest discusses Jack Bishop’s assault on N.C. State’s campus, the importance of free speech on college campuses, the frivolous use of the word racist, his education plan to expand school choice if elected governor, and bizarre stance of the North Carolina teacher union on teacher pay raises

Wednesday November 13th, 2019

Impeachment hearings begin this morning at 10am, Oak island officially join the Vaping Panic of 2019 with a ban on vaping on town property, Superintendent Mark Johnson announces he is joining 12 other candidates in running for Lt Gov, Wayne Goodwin wants his old job back, and Greg Lindberg’s attorneys argue his bribery charges should be dropped and that he … Read More

MORNING CALL: Election Fever

Superintendent Mark Johson is in for 2020…but it’s for the Lieutenant Governor’s office, “North Carolina deserves a leader who will fight to make all government more accountable, more efficient, and more transparent,” Johnson said in his campaign announcement. “That’s why today I am declaring my candidacy for Lt. Governor of North Carolina.”N&O

Tuesday November 12th, 2019

GOP outlines impeachment defense in committee memo Monday night, North Carolina teachers union calls for raises less than a week after supporting the Governor’s veto of teacher raises, New poll shows overwhelming opposition for the sale of NHRMC, Ocracoke hurricane clean up has some wondering if rebuilding is worth it, and Oak island looks to join the Vaping Panic of … Read More

MORNING CALL: Ever-Growing Cost of Hurricane

WaPo Reports on the Ocracoke rebuilding after Hurricane Dorian: O’cockers are faced with a reckoning: whether this sliver of sand, crouched three feet above sea level between the Atlantic Ocean and Pamlico Sound, can survive the threats of extreme weather and rising sea levels. And if it can’t, why rebuild?” WaPo