Mossoff On Copyright Law

Adam Mossoff, law professor at Antonin Scalia School of Law at George Mason University, discusses Allen v Cooper a SCOTUS copyright case that involves that allows state institutions to run roughshod over copyrights, the legal fountainhead of American creativity.

Thursday November 7th, 2019

Bill Taylor’s testimony is released that backs up the quid pro quo claims, Old tweets emerge from White blower attorney, Mark Zaid, that show him talking about a coup and impeachment back in 2017, Trump wanted Barr to protect him, New report shows UNC police did not show favorable treatment to white supremacists and students on campus are mad about … Read More


The controversial plan to use jury duty records to purge non-citizens from voting rolls and would have required courts to send names of people who are disqualified from jury duty due to their citizenship status to the elections board for review.  This is the governor’s 10th veto this legislative session.

Rouzer On Redistricting, Impeachment, & The Trade War

Congressman David Rouzer discusses redistricting & the impact that could have on the 7th district, the impeachment inquiry & the recently released testimony from Ambassador Gordon Sondland, and what is going to happen with the trade war with China

Rich On The FDA’s Flavored Vaping Ban

Jacob Rich, Policy Analyst at Reason Foundation, discusses the possible FDA ban on flavored e-cigarettes and why this will not only exacerbate the current vaping sickness problem but will also cost lives

Wednesday November 6th, 2019

Elections result out of Wilmington, Virginia, and Kentucky gives mixed, if not no, messages for what this means for 2020, Redistricting begins in Raleigh to draw congressional districts for 2020