Average Teacher Salary Jumps Over $54K

Good news for teachers in North Carolina as the average teacher salary has climbed over $54,000... New figures from the state Department of Public Instruction estimate the average salary this school year for teachers to be $54,682 — $742 more than last year. North Carolina also moved up to two spots from being fourth in average salaries last year in the Southeast. Now among Southeast states, only Georgia is higher at $57,137.News & Observer Imagine that, North Carolina now has the second-highest teacher salary in the southeast. It was just six years ago that North Carolina was ranked 11th among the...

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Coronavirus Class Warfare?

Last week, Peggy Noonan claimed that the battle on whether to reopen America was drawn among class lines... There is a class divide between those who are hard-line on lockdowns and those who are pushing back. We see the professionals on one side—those James Burnham called the managerial elite, and Michael Lind, in “The New Class War,” calls “the overclass”—and regular people on the other.Wall Street Journal Noonan is not the first person to make this argument. However, I am not sure the debate is as clear cut as Noonan is making it out to be. Michelle Goldberg at The...

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China, China, Chy-Na

I have previously written about President Trump having to decide between his phase one trade deal and being tough with China. However, if he does decide to get tough with China the choice does not end there. Over the last few days, many have written about how we hold China responsible for this global pandemic. READ MORE

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