Ellis Talks Midterms & RNC

Blair Ellis, Deputy Press Secretary for the RNC, joins Tyler to talk about the midterms, the GOP’s ground game, and good financial news about the 2020 RNC in Charlotte

Limbaugh Talks His New Book & Trump

David Limbaugh joins Tyler to talk about his new book “Jesus Is Risen,” President Donald Trump winning over the evangelical vote, and the bias of the NY Times bestseller list

Wilkes Talks Midterms

Alex Wilkes, Exec Dir of America Rising PAC, joins Tyler to talk about the upcoming midterm elections, the momentum shift to the GOP’s benefit, the unforced errors by Elizabeth Warren & Hillary Clinton, and the continued success of the GOP on the state level

Carson Talks Hurricane Recovery

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Ben Carson, joins Tyler to talk about what HUD is doing to help southeastern North Carolina recover from Hurricane Florence & Michael

Griffin Talks NYT Op-Ed

Tyler talks with Roughly Explained editor, Taylor Griffin about the op-ed heard round the world in the New York Times op-ed that argues Trump’s own administration is working against him