Forest On Free Speech & School Choice

Lt Governor Dan Forest discusses Jack Bishop’s assault on N.C. State’s campus, the importance of free speech on college campuses, the frivolous use of the word racist, his education plan to expand school choice if elected governor, and bizarre stance of the North Carolina teacher union on teacher pay raises

Luebke On School Choice & Minority Voters

Bob Luebke, Director of Policy at The Civitas Institute, discusses the growing divide between traditional white democrat voters who support teachers unions unequivocally and new minority democrat voters who back school choice and what that could mean for Democrats in 2020 and beyond

Mossoff On Copyright Law

Adam Mossoff, law professor at Antonin Scalia School of Law at George Mason University, discusses Allen v Cooper a SCOTUS copyright case that involves that allows state institutions to run roughshod over copyrights, the legal fountainhead of American creativity.

Knecht On 2019 & 2020

Chairman of the New Hanover County, Will Knecht, explains why it is important to vote in municipal elections, the enthusiasm for 2020, and recruitment efforts for 2020 with both New Hanover County Commissioners Kusek & White announcing they aren’t running again in 2020

Davis On Redistricting & Teacher Raises

Representative Ted Davis discusses the recent redistricting of state districts, the recent judicial ruling that will impact congressional districts, the recently passed mini-budgets, and the franchise & film tax changes that got struck down in committee

Jackson On Redistricting & Absentee Ballot Changes

Andy Jackson, Election Policy Fellow at The Civitas Institute, discusses the judicial ruling this week that gave the recently drawn general assembly districts approval, the recent judicial ruling that put an injunction on congressional districts, and new voting legislation that protects against absentee ballot fraud and brings back Saturday early voting