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John Ziegler @ Mediate

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

Cut the Trump Uncertainty Tax President Trump isn’t famous for consistency, but his reversal on a new round of tax cuts may be a record. On Tuesday he said he was considering a cut in the payroll tax and...

Megan McArdle @ The Washington Post

The WSJ Editorial Board

The ‘Stakeholder’ CEOs Today’s corporate CEO is a politician as much as business leader, and for proof look no further than the statement Monday from the Business Roundtable ostentatiously redefining its mission to serve “stakeholders” in addition to the...

Daniel Drezner @ The Washington Post

So, does that mean the odds of Trump’s reelection chances will continue to go up? Honestly, prediction markets are too thin and poorly incentivized to make an impression on me anymore. But consider today’s Spoiler Alerts my own gut...

The WSJ Editorial Board

The Navarro Recession II After we warned last week that U.S. trade policy was courting recession, White House aide Peter Navarro took to Fox Business to denounce us for sounding like The People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist propaganda arm....

Noah Rothman @ Commentary Magazine

Noah Rothman @ Commentary Magazine

Thirty years ago, defying Mao Zedong’s invasive gaze, pro-democracy demonstrators armed with foam and paper-mâché cobbled together an icon. Combining the aesthetics of Soviet statuary with Western classicism, the 33-foot Goddess of Democracy was not intended to evoke the...

Mike Adams @ Townhall

Mike Adams @ Townhall

Once again, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington needs to be sued. In order to do that, there must be at least one presently enrolled student willing to step up and challenge a Student Affairs division that appears...

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