Smith: A Right Wing Halloween

NATIONAL REVIEW The world is not a dark and evil place,” insists an exasperated woman played by Judy Greer in Halloween. “It’s full of love and understanding!” I put the question to the class: Is she right? In the new film (not a reboot but a sequel that occurs 40 years after the events in the 1978 original and ignores all intervening Halloween movies), … Read More

Rothman: Republicans Cannot Let This Stand

COMMENTARY MAGAZINE Republicans don’t care about sexual abuse victims. Telegraphed sotto voce or shouted from the mountaintops, that was the message Democrats and their allies attempted to convey from the second the effort to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation transitioned from accusations of racial primitivism and corruption to accusations of sexual violence. Those who were receptive to this message did not … Read More

Verbruggen: Controlling the Debt Is Gonna Be Painful

NATIONAL REVIEW The Manhattan Institute’s Brian Riedl isn’t trying to trigger the libs. His new plan to stabilize the debt doesn’t gut welfare, doesn’t repeal the New Deal — hell, it doesn’t even keep tax increases off the table, which practically makes him a lefty pariah in modern GOP circles. But it’s still going to alienate just about every elected official across … Read More

Continetti: Prudence Is the Right Response to the Khashoggi Affair

NATIONAL REVIEW Earlier this month, Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. No one has heard from him since. Here was a legal resident of the United States (he also lived in London and Istanbul), whose main English outlet was the Washington Post, vanishing suddenly after rebuking the domestic and foreign policies of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. … Read More

Boehm: It’s Official: 2018 Federal Deficit Largest Since 2012

REASON The federal government finished the 2018 fiscal year—it ended on September 30—a whopping $779 billion in the red, the largest annual budget deficit since 2012. The current fiscal year is likely to see an even larger deficit, potentially in excess of $1 trillion. The Treasury Department’s final data for the 2018 fiscal year, released Monday, shows that the deficit … Read More

Atkinson & Lind: The War on Big Retail Is Nothing New

NATIONAL REVIEW Big Retail must be stopped before it drives most “mom-and-pop” retailers out of business. Big Retail is a threat not only to established retailers, but also to their suppliers, their customers, their workers, and the American way of life. Sound familiar? It should. These same arguments, now favored by critics of Amazon, were made against big-box stores like Wal-Mart … Read More