Ep. 42 Is a Recession Coming? (with Neil Irwin)

The U.S. economy is entering the longest expansion in U.S. history. But, it could be getting long in the tooth. The economic turmoil and relentless uncertainty of Trump’s mercurial trade policies are making businesses more reluctant to expand. The New York Times’ Neil Irwin joins us to talk about whether this all adds up to a recession on the horizon. … Read More

Ep. 41 The Politics Of Epstein Conspiracy Theories

Jeffrey Epstein has long been a political hot potato. His relationships with powerful political figures, including Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, has long fed partisan conspiracy theories. Both sides are certain the other was mixed up in his crimes. Epstein’s death this weekend had the fringes of the right convinced that the Clinton’s were behind it. To a lesser extent … Read More

Ep. 40 Trump’s Trade War With China Heats Up

In this week’s Axis of Reason, what the shootings in El Paso and Dayton say about our current political moment. Trump readies new tariffs on China and labels Beijing a currency manipulator. We discuss what it means and where this all is headed.

Ep. 26 Mueller Eve

What to expect on the eve of the Mueller report. Bernie Sanders and the Democratic field. And, how Trump keeps his supporters with him by “owning the libs.”

Ep. 25 The Oranges of the Investigation

The Mueller report is done and now President Donald Trump is calling for an investigation of the “oranges” (aka origins) of the investigation. We debate whether he has a point.