Ep. 24 Trump Vs. Conway

This week: President Trump brawls with George Conway on Twitter; Devin Nunes sues a cow; and, Elizabeth Warren reignites the debate over the electoral college.

Ep. 23 AOC, the Emergency Declaration and the Mueller Endgame

This week, several of our perennial topics of discussion on Axis of Reason were in the news. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez created a stir (again); President Trump faces a rebuke from Congress over his emergency declaration; and, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller nears the end of the Russia probe, we discuss what happens next. LINKS Ocasio-Cortez asks Wells Fargo CEO why the … Read More

Ep. 22 The Deficit Show

Two deficits — trade and budget — have dominated American politics. Two recent reports show that both have grown dramatically. On this week’s episode, why the trade deficit probably matters less than people think and the budget deficit matters much more than politicians will admit. The Commerce Department reported on Tuesday that the goods trade deficit struck an all-time high … Read More

Ep. 21 Mr Cohen Goes to Washington

In a dramatic appearance on Capitol Hill Wednesday, President Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, portrayed his former boss as a racist, a conman, a cheat, and a crook. He alleged that Mr. Trump committed a range of criminal act, including after he won the Presidency. The last time Mr. Cohen appeared before Congress, he lied about how long discussions … Read More

Ep. 20 National Emergency & NC9

As the NC State Board of Elections prepared to decide his father’s fate, Mark Harris’ son took the stand to give dramatic testimony. Plus, we unpack President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. How will it fair in the courts? Follow us on Twitter: @tgriffinNC and @TylerCralle LINKS:The Election Fraud Allegations in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District Explainedwww.roughlyexplained.com/2018/12/the-…t-explained/ Can President Trump … Read More

Ep. 19 Deal Week in Washington

A “Green New Deal” and a border funding “old deal” are demonstrate the political peril of populist nonsense pretending to be policy. Find us on Twitter: Taylor – @tgriffinNCTyler – @tylercralle