Ep. 18 Peak Trump w/ David Stockman

Ronald Reagan’s OMB Director, David Stockman joins us to talk about his new book, Peak Trump, which examines the serious challenges facing the economy and Washington’s failure to address them.

Ep. 17 Clowns to the Left of Me

To the Democratic Party’s left wing, the shutdown was a triumph. But, the ascendency of the left within the Democratic Party could have consequences that accrue to President Trump’s political benefit.

Banging the Drum

The saga of the Covington Catholic School boys has all the markers of our time — a viral video, a phony racial confrontation, and cries of fake news. And this time at least, the shouts of fake news had some merit. It came just days after the Special Counsel, in unprecedented fashion, disputed a Buzzfeed News bombshell that Trump instructed … Read More

The State of the Shutdown

Nancy Pelosi’s suggestion that the State of the Union address be delayed until after the shutdown revives a long-simmering debate about whether the annual address, with all its pomp and pageantry, has become an overwrought symbol of the imperial modern presidency. Plus, a pair of back-to-back bombshell news stories feed the secret agent Trump narrative. A NY Times report that … Read More

Trump’s Magic Wall

As the government shutdown drags into its third week, we look at the vast gulf between the politics and the reality of President Trump’s border wall.

Another Year, Another Shutdown

For the second year in a row, Washington is ringing in the new year with a dysfunctional government shutdown. With both President Trump and Democrats firmly entrenched in irreconcilable positions and hemmed in by uncompromising political bases, how does this end? Plus, Trump’s cracked history of Soviet involvement in Afghanistan and the fallout from Mitt Romney’s rebuke of President Trump.