Friday October 19th, 2018 Hour 3

Republicans are becoming victims of violence but Trump may have thrown off the message with support for Gianforte’s body slam in 2017 and Val Bourdreau, The Car Doctor, joins Tyler to talk about airbag theft and the cars that depreciate the most

Friday October 19th, 2018 Hour 2

The big baby Trump balloon is coming to Wilmington to the democrats detriment, The Democrat Party of North Carolina releases an app that allows people to sort candidates by color, Jamie Getty, member of the New Hanover County Board of Education, joins Tyler to talk about early voting, one-stop voting, and the changes to polling locations because of Florence

Friday October 19th, 2018 Hour 1

North Carolina Democrats releases an app that lets you sort candidates by the color of their skin, Dow drops 300 points continuing to add to the volatility, China’s economy begins to slow which causes global concern and oddly enough the Trade war could end up helping China’s economy

Thursday October 18th, 2018 Hour 3

Congressman David Rouzer joins Tyler to talk about federal funding for Hurricane Florence & the upcoming midterms and Blair Ellis, Deputy Press Secretary for the RNC, joins Tyler to talk about the midterms, the GOP’s ground game, and good financial news about the 2020 RNC in Charlotte

Thursday October 18th, 2018 Hour 2

Q3 results point to big problems for the GOP heading into the midterms, The House looks like it could flip while the Senate looks so good the GOP could pick up seats, Supreme court candidate Chris Anglin it turns out has a criminal past, and new data shows more Democrats asking for absentee ballots than Republicans which was the exact … Read More

Thursday October 18th, 2018 Hour 1

US back on top of world economic competitiveness,   President Donald asks his cabinet secretaries to cut 5% from their budgets which could cut 67 billion but with a 779 billion dollar deficit more needs to be done, and Brian Riedl proposes a plan to cut the deficit that no one in Washington is going to like