Morning Glory on this Tuesday October 9th, 2018

Morning Glory, On Today’s Show: 8:30 – Marty DeJoseph, National Home Finance Links – CAT 3: Hurricane Michael will continue to intensify and is forecast to strike the Florida Panhandle as a Category 3 with dangerous storm surge flooding, destructive winds and flooding rainfall. Michael will also bring heavy rain and strong winds to other parts of the southeastern United States after it moves inland…  … Read More

Wednesday August 29th, 2018 Hour 2

Leaders in the General Assembly ask SCOTUS to stay lower court ruling demanding congressional redistricting before the election, NCGOP drops all their challenges to prior court verdicts, and apparently, the state has set up a secret DMV that has only been available to select state employees.

Watkins Talks Tax Cuts

Tyler talks with Commissioner Skip Watkins about New Hanover County’s new budget that increases school spending while lowering taxes

Tuesday June 5th, 2018 Hour 3

Former Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, is accused of witness tampering, Maybe the Manafort news is why Trump has been talking about pardons so much, and the big SCOTUS ruling yesterday was not as sweeping as some wanted but they did rule in favor of religious freedom, Interesting arguments emerge that yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling could negatively effect Trump’s travel ban, … Read More

Monday June 4th, 2018 Hour 2

President Ronald Reagan explains the importance of free trade in a way only Reagan can in a November 1988 weekly radio address, North Carolina could be disproportionality impacted by the retaliatory tariffs by foreign nations in response to President Trump’s tariffs, and Majority Leader in the North Carolina House, John Bell, joins Tyler to talk about UNCW baseball, the recently … Read More

Jenkins: Trump’s Trade Tactic Might Work

WALL STREET JOURNAL A game of chicken can always end badly, but why is the U.S. press doing China’s work for it? Right now a bargaining game is under way that could leave the world trading system better off, with China cheating less. Not the least benefit, this would strengthen the political sustainability of trade in the U.S. and other … Read More