Wednesday November 13th, 2019

Impeachment hearings begin this morning at 10am, Oak island officially join the Vaping Panic of 2019 with a ban on vaping on town property, Superintendent Mark Johnson announces he is joining 12 other candidates in running for Lt Gov, Wayne Goodwin wants his old job back, and Greg Lindberg’s attorneys argue his bribery charges should be dropped and that he … Read More

Monday November 11th, 2019

CDC believes Vitamin E acetate is a major culprit in the Vaping Panic of 2019, Nikki Haley says Rex Tillerson & John Kelly tried to recruit her to circumvent the President to “save the country,” Governor Roy Cooper vetoes 4 mini-budgets including teacher raises, and lawmakers get started on congressional redistricting in Raleigh

Friday November 8th, 2019

Michael Bloomberg shows signs he may jump into the 2020 race, New Hanover County schools to investigate refiled retaliation complaint against the superintendent, Lt Governor Dan Forest proposes School Choice for All education plan, and Tommy Schultz writes that Democrats used to love school choice till they ran for President

Wednesday November 6th, 2019

Elections result out of Wilmington, Virginia, and Kentucky gives mixed, if not no, messages for what this means for 2020, Redistricting begins in Raleigh to draw congressional districts for 2020

Limbaugh On 2020 & The Democrats

David Limbaugh, author of Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win, discusses why the 2020 is election is so important, why the democrats have lost their mind, is the democrat base as crazy as their candidates, and how the GOP should try and recruit these moderate democrats