Tuesday August 20th, 2019 Hour 3

The first of two public forums to discuss the possible sale of NHRMC and many people were mad and very few had any solutions besides arguing that nothing should change and that for-profit is always worse than non-profit, and Marty DeJoesph & Sherri Schaefer from National Home Finance discuss some of the latest changes to refis

Tuesday August 13th, 2019 Hour 3

The Trump administration expands the definition of Public charge that could limit the number of migrants seeking permanent residence in the US, New information comes forward about the death of Jeffery Epstein that shows many deficiencies in the prison that most likely led to Epstein’s death, and Marty & Sherri from National Home Finance discusses negative interest rates

Tuesday August 6th, 2019

HOUR 1 Bloodbath on Wall Street yesterday as the Dow drops over 700 points, The US declares China an official currency manipulator, The President denounces white supremacy, The NY Post calls for an assault weapons ban which Charles CW Cooke points out is ridiculous, and David French backs the President’s call for “red flag” laws HOUR 2 Governor Cooper calls … Read More

Tuesday July 23rd, 2019

HOUR 1 DOJ tells Mueller to limit testimony to his report, Democrats begin rebuke of the Inspector General report, Jane Mayer tries to rehabilitate the image of Al Franken, President Donald Trump praises a budget deal with Republicans & Democrats that increases spending by 320 billion increasing the already yearly trillion-dollar deficit HOUR 2 Boris Johnson elected as new British … Read More

Tuesday July 16th, 2019

HOUR 1 President Donald Trump doubles down on his comments about the squad and denies his tweets were racist, The Squad holds a press conference calling Trump a white nationalist, and Pelosi and Mnuchin try and reach a deal on the debt ceiling as everyone in Washington gets ready to change their opinion on a clean debt ceiling increase HOUR … Read More

Tuesday July 9th, 2019

HOUR 1 Rep. Eric Swalwell is the first candidate to drop out of the Presidential race, Jeffery Epstein is arraigned in Manhattan on charges of sex trafficking related to minors, conspiracy theories spread on how Epstein made his money, and the CBO says the minim wage could cost the economy over a million jobs HOUR 2 A Washington think tank … Read More